View Full Version : Iwaver circuit board in MR01

2007.04.07, 06:12 PM
Anyone know where to buy a Iwaver 02 circuit board and if it would fit and work ok in an MR01? I have that MR01 with messed up PCB I would really like to make work as a spare car for visitors and such but don't want to spend $50 on an i-series pcb, which I don't know would work in an MR01 anyways. I thought maybe an Iwaver PCB would be a low-cost alternative to at least make the car operational.

2007.04.07, 07:41 PM
it would be cheaper, and deffinately fit, but they are nowhere to be found new. Personally I would go with an I-Series board. Cant go wrong with that. ann yes, it will fit perfect.

2007.04.13, 01:47 PM
im running one in my mr01,works fine :D
its a straight swap