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2007.04.08, 04:06 PM
Hello again guys!

We at NorCal Hobbies will be starting our Mini-z racing program up again.We will be racing on 2 Friday nights a month.Along with Mini-z racing,we also will be racing 18th scale offroad on the same night on a different track.Our track is 36x25 RCP so a decent size track.We use the Core counting system and have plenty of parts for most mini-z racers.We also have by far the fastest guys in Mini-z racing that race at our facility.We welcome racers of all ability levels and look forward to seeing you guys out for our 1st race of the year.

Friday, April 13th
7:30pm start time.
Track is open for practice all day everyday the shop is open 7 days a week.

Any questions?Leave here or PM me.

NorCal Hobbies
30600 union city Blvd
UNion city Ca,94587


Ask for Roger or John.


2007.04.15, 01:43 AM
Thats right mini-z racers. Come by and check out the action.