View Full Version : FS: Rayovak 15 Minute Charger IC3 with IC3 Batteries

2007.04.14, 11:51 AM
Name: arch2b
Location: Germantown, MD
Contact:arch2b @ mini-zracer.com (remove spaces)
(1) one Rayovak 15 Minute Charger IC3
(24) twenty-four IC3 Batteries of various condition
(1) one 50 count battery case
Price:$ best offer. buyer to pay shipping costs of approx. $4-8. i will get an accurate quote tonight. I accept paypal.

i will upload images tonight. the batteries are used and show signs of such use:) they all still charge and work (although i have run into the odd occurence that has been reported about fresh charged cells not working right after charging). i bascially don't care about these anymore and will throw them away if the buyer of the charger does not want them.

2007.04.14, 03:03 PM
sold, pending payment :)

2007.04.14, 03:09 PM
Payment sent. Thanks for the great deal.

2007.04.22, 02:09 PM
just checking, did you receive the box?

2007.04.22, 05:10 PM
Yes I did while I was travelling. Thanks for shipping it quickly. This will be nice to have for next weekends.