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2002.04.26, 09:07 PM
i got bored this afternoon, and unwound an old stock motor i had lying around. i rewound it so its a 29T single. but it wont work. i looked at another armature, and its correctly wound. i hooked it up to a 9V battery, just to see if it ran, and it wouldnt. i know the battery was good, cause i had just used it to test out the new squat motor can i got (which is great, thanks mini-z). any ideas as to why it wont work? also, do you think it would be okay to use it in the mini-z? i know russ hand wound a 28T, and he used it in his Z, with no problems. i just dont have the cash lyin around to buy a new board, so i dont wanna risk it if theres a chance of cooking it. oh, and i have the TLP turbo R. thx

2002.04.26, 10:15 PM
Any winds below 50 turns, I strongly recommend using a turbo; otherwise, we are talking cetain death of your esc. When you wound the motor, did you remove the coating where the wire go on the tabs? Not doing so, will result in zero conductance.

Also, check to make sure that the carbon brushes are actually making contact with the commut8or

2002.04.26, 11:07 PM
ah, coating. never heard of such. how can i get it off? scrape it off with a small hobby knife?

2002.04.26, 11:59 PM
you did use coated motor wire right? ;)

2002.04.27, 12:15 AM
i used whatever wire was in it in the first place. you think im gonna spend money on new wire? sheesh... people these days...:p

2002.04.30, 04:40 PM

"you think im gonna spend money on new wire? sheesh... people these days..."

LOL! That tickled me pink.. Hahahahaha

2002.05.01, 12:25 PM
and i thought "tickled me pink" was a southern phrase... lol

anyway, i finally got the motor to run, and its pretty cool. i wanna run it in my Z, and i have a turbo and all, i just do NOT wanna cook my ESC/RX. anyone know if it'll hurt it?

2002.05.01, 12:29 PM
use multi meter to check the amps befor you run it, if that reads over 1A while holding the motor shaft so it wont spin, its probly a sure deep fry ;)

2002.05.01, 03:37 PM

run the motor with the Turbo. It will be safe, as most Turbo's have overlad and short protection.
Let us know how you progress