View Full Version : What to upgrade first

2007.04.16, 06:10 AM

Just bought an IW02 off ebay, electrics all seem ok which is a bonus, The question is (as I have limited funds), what to I upgrade first? I have a ball diff and some bearings on the way, but what should I upgrade first as steering an acceleration are more important to me on my little track at the moment.

2007.04.16, 08:37 AM
Tires, Tires, and oh yeah Tires. :D

2007.04.16, 08:45 AM
bnwhtlw is right. I pretty much did the wrong thing and bought a bunch of shiny pieces before buying tires. If you only bought one upgrade it should be tires.

If you're looking for more advice after the basic essentials like tires and bearings, do a search and you'll find a couple dozen threads on the topic of upgrades.

2007.04.16, 11:54 PM
yes tires.... can't be stressed enough... i learned the hard way...

tires, then bearings, then h-plate, then ball diff... actually if you're just bashing around, you don't need the ball diff... hope this helps