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2002.04.26, 11:38 PM
well its not mine but i was in the passanger seat, i was in a not so well known frends 1999 trans am ws6, this was a babied car, it didint have a blemish and was washed every weekend. we took off before school just for a ride (who wouldent) and he decided to show off, well the enevidable happend and at about 130mph we lost it and hit a telephone pole, that threw us another direction and we eventually stoped agenst a construction sign, we got out and looking at the damage to the road there was deep black marks for about 40 yards, than a broke telephone pole, than for another 50 yards parts of the cars front end, i found parts of the battery and part of the brake roter, we never found the hood, but we found the engine laying next to the car, the funny thing about all of this is that we walked away from this, and i went to school that day. so the lesson is do not show off to your frends in your 1:1 car, and if u do take a camra, sorry i dont have any pics, i wish i did

2002.04.27, 12:10 AM
oh yea? well, i flipped a golf cart off an 8 foot embankment. did a barrel roll. man, was dad pleased...

2002.04.27, 10:08 AM
basically the same thing happend to me.... my friend was trying to take a corner at 70km/h and he flipped the van so it was slidding on it's side..... (my friend was driving the old dodge caravan.... stuipid!!!) anyways, my friend got a concusion cuz he slammed his head in the side, while i was thrown into the back seat.... i bruised my head and shins.... ouch..... anyways, another lesson here is never tackle corners with a van; their CG is too high....

2002.04.27, 12:55 PM
Well both of these stories involve the same friend of mine. The first happened the week of homecoming my sophmore year, our whole class( all 34 of us) were driving out to a farm house one evening to build our homecomming float. My best friend was in the first car, the cross country star girlie was in the second car and I was in the third. My best friend drove up over the top of a hill and thought that he missed the girls drive way. being that this was farm land of south dakota he turned around in a field approach. This was also the first time his dad let him drive his mint condition '87 5.0 mustang convertable... what a car that thing was, only had like 15,000 miles on it, and his dad druled over it. any way my friend pulls into this field approach and starts to back out to make the turn, as he is backing out the girl infront of me goes over the top of the hill at 60mph and t-bones by buddy with her chevette. I come over the hill to see him spinning into the ditch and her car smoking, so i put my car into the ditch and get out to run over to him, he is passed out in the car. pull him out and all he is worried about is how bad his dad will kick his ass when he sees the car. This being home comming, him being the starting qb and me the starting tight end, we were a little worried about the game. He played that friday, two days later with bruised ribs and a bruised lung, he played. All survived but the car.

..... the next story is more of a sad story and ill throw it on a new post.

2002.04.27, 01:05 PM
Ok this happened a year ago the begining of july. The best friend from the first story, a good friend of mine the was on the wrestling team with me, some dork from high school and all three of thier g/f's go out drinking, riding in the same truck. After the accident they all blew flashing reds so they were pretty trashed. any way they get the idea to race a camero with this guys truck *duh* who do you think won?? but the camero gets out in front of the truck and pulls their e brake. The dork driving the truck doesnt know what to do so he slams on his breaks and swerves trying to get into the ditch, tags the front of the camero and the truck goes into the ditch at 100 mph. the guy, being drunk, tries to pull the truck back up on to the road, but they are going sideways through the ditch at 100 mph. His front tires hit the rumble strip and it starts rolling. it tosses my two friends and my best friends g/f out of the truck. the other two girls and the dip sh*t get nothing but scratches, my good friend now has 3 metal plates in his head, an he is kinda different now. My best friend had a 1/2 scholarship to south dakota state university to play foot ball. Just last week he was told that they were going to have to fuse his ankle together and he would never play football again, he hit his head so hard on the pavement that one of his pupils is stuck as big as it will get, and the other changes. He has a road rash tattoo on his back from where he slid across the pavement. His g/f.... dead. This being a small town, everyone is on the volunteer fire dept. Her little brother found the accident, her dad was an emt and he was called out to it. People ask me why i chose to only drink if im sitting at home, there is my reason.

2002.04.27, 07:20 PM
Man, these are all very scary and upsetting stories, please be careful guys! :)

2002.04.27, 10:58 PM
wow. i thought my little story would add a little humor, but...:(

2002.04.28, 09:40 PM
sorry, not to make anyone cry or anything, bad day at work, thinking about stuff like that, bad convo with my best friend, then writing posts just kinda made them pop out. On the + side, that football game my bestfriend didnt get sacked, the only game all season that it happened. :D