View Full Version : Memory Shape Antenna Metal Type?

2007.04.17, 10:46 PM
I handled a memory shape antenna today and was impressed about how pliable it was. It was light and seemed to bend easily when pressed and would spring back.

Does anyone have any idea what this is made of? I'd just buy one but at $16 each that seems a bit of a rip off so I'd rather just make my own if it's an alloy that's readily available.

2007.04.18, 05:21 AM
just a link found while google-ing...


I dont think this is what they use as the memory wire in antennas, but this is actual memory wire ;) you gota program it into hte antenna shape so it returns... if it gets out of kink ya heat it up and it returns to shape.

Its 29$ for 5 foot there, and that is only .4mm or so... the antennas are at least .8mm dia... so the 16$ is not far off if this is what they use.

2007.04.18, 09:26 AM
This is definitely someting else but thanks for the link.

BTW, just to clarify, the price difference is huge because you only get one of the kyosho memory antennas.

$29 = 5ft
$16 = 7in