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2007.04.18, 12:59 PM
If this is "off topic" feel free to move it :D

Ive got some good footage of some of our racing, but dont know what to use to edit it. Is there something free that I can download? Is there something hidden amongst my XP program that I can use?

I dont want to do anything fancy, just getting clips out of the long takes, and putting them together in a sequence. Music would be nice as well :D

2007.04.18, 01:21 PM
If you have windows service pack two or above on XP then you can use Windows Movie Maker two. I use it, it's great software for simple videos. :)

2007.04.19, 01:00 AM
I found Ulead easy to use.
Try ULEAD.com ... or google ULEAD software.
Free trial for 30 days. :rolleyes:
There is also an easy to follow tutorial.
I used a fire wire directly to my dig camcorder and could forward/reverse through footage as needed directly from the camcorder.
Also lots of good effects to choose from. :D