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2007.04.20, 11:39 AM
Race Location
Hobby Mart
11235 Alpharetta Hwy
Roswell, GA 30076
(770) 740-2915

Race Time
Doors Open: 10:30am
Racing Starts: 1:00pm
Racing Ends: Usually around 4:30

Available Practice Times (normal shop hours)
Tues - Fri 10:30am - 7:00pm
Sat (non-race day) - 10:30am - 4:00pm
Sat (race day) 10:30am to start of races

1/28th Stock - Stock Class HFAY Rules (http://hfay.tinyrc.com/Default.aspx?tabid=95)
1/28th Open - Open Class HFAY Rules (http://hfay.tinyrc.com/Default.aspx?tabid=97)
Other Classes may be run if 2 or more people request them. Novice, X-Mod only, etc...

$5.00 per class

Racers will be required to have their own core transponders tags. These will be available at this race for $15 each. This is a one time purchase that should last you many years. Loaners may be available for $3.

- Core lap counting system.
- RCP Track (3 wide L's).
- Audio and video systems for the automated sounds, announcements and race stats display.
- We will run 3 qualifiers for each class.
- 5 minute Qualifiers and 7 minute Mains.

Use this "Race Event" thread to discuss things such as who will be attending and any other specific info pertaining to the race. After the event is over, we can continue to discuss any issues / suggestions / improvements for the next race. The results, and possibly pictures, will then be posted to this same thread.

If you think you’ll be attending, please post here so everyone will have an idea of expected attendance.

Hope to see you there!

2007.04.20, 12:37 PM
I changed the track a few days ago. I took some pictures on my phone but haven't uploaded them yet. I'll try to post them tonight. If everyone likes the layout, we can keep it... otherwise we can change it again.

2007.04.21, 11:05 AM
Here is the picture of the new layout. Let me know what everyone thinks. We could change it again if necessary. I wanted to keep the right side similar to what it was so that there is still extra space to walk through the shop on that end.


2007.04.21, 12:59 PM
I like it. Turn 1 looks like it will be really fast. Also looks like it will not be as difficult as other layouts we've used, which should reduce wall banging and improve racing.

2007.04.22, 04:28 PM
I really like the new layout!! :D

2007.04.28, 02:58 PM
Novice A-Main (http://www.atlrcmotorsports.com/amrcr-results/2007%20Winter%20Season/042807-NoviceAMain.htm)

Stock A-Main (http://www.atlrcmotorsports.com/amrcr-results/2007%20Winter%20Season/042807-StockAMain.htm)

Open A-Main (http://www.atlrcmotorsports.com/amrcr-results/2007%20Winter%20Season/042807-OpenAMain.htm)

I will update the Points and post when they are ready

2007.04.28, 04:19 PM
Good racing today. I think the layout made passing hard, but I find that to be a good thing! It makes you work that much harder to get around people :D

2007.05.06, 10:33 PM
Points have been updated: Current Points (http://www.atlrcmotorsports.com/amrcr-results/2007%20Winter%20Season/2007WinterSeasonPoints.htm)

Drivers with an "*" beside their name are elibible for the grand prize drawing at the next race. It looks like the eligible drivers are Hank, Kevin, Jeff and Billy! Pretty good odds to win a new AWD Mini-Z :D ! Good luck guys!!!