View Full Version : Game Steering Wheel Mod for Mini-z

2007.04.20, 04:18 PM
I was thinking about modding a game steering wheel with a rc controller to make something like this below:


Has anyone tried this?

2007.04.20, 05:20 PM
no, but ZOMFG!!!11111 I would love to do that. and have tables set up with the wheels, and pedals in the floor :D LETS RACE!!!!!

2007.04.20, 08:26 PM
i have rolled this idea around in my head, so it's all theory at this point, but here are my ideas so far. for the throttle hook the trigger to a sleeved cable, simlar to ones used for brake and shift lines on bicycles. from the trigger the cable would run to a pedal housing. the pedal housing would need to have a return spring so the pedal pushes itself back up when you let off the gas. i'm thinking the older style kt-5?? transmitter and an mr-01 pcb would work best. using the kt-5 would let you use the servo reverse switch to "shift" the car from forward to reverse. i believe that's the switch closest to the power switch. i think the mr-01 pcb would work best to start out with because there is no brake function. i haven't quite figured out how a pcb or speed control with a brake would work. the last thing i thought about was making a smaller diameter pully connected to the steering wheel, so you would get more throw on the "real size steering wheel" and make it more realistic to drive. well those are my thoughts so far. like i said these are just ideas, but i would like to hear if anyone else has come up with to make a controller like soulstice is talking about.

2007.04.21, 09:17 PM
You could either use the existing pots in the steering wheel and pedals... or replace them with ones out of a spare TX. I think that most cheap wheel systems use a single pot for both pedals... I have thought about this for a little while, even mounting a video camera on the cars and using monitors to drive the car like a video game, only with real physics instead of simulated physics.