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2007.04.21, 09:59 PM
I found a very old post on this subject earlier but nothing else. I had been looking for a new project so I settled on an AD Band F1.

Not too much to report. I built the car up from new parts mostly and it took me about two hours. I scavenged several parts from my current F1 (motor mount, wheels, diff/motor, body) but I wanted to keep the AM main chassis intact.

I used the MR02 AD Board with a couple of modifications.

1) Longer switch wire
2) Removed the ICS connector
3) scavenged the Crystal holder from the stock board
4) Carving out a slightly larger hole for the (3) servo wires.

I also had to scavenge some servo posts from an old MR01 servo.

The whole thing took me about two hours, including rebuilding the diff and cleaning the motor.

I've attached a few pics.

It runs pretty well but the steering is not quite perfect. I think there is a little too much pressure in the steering assembly. The servo wires are longer than they need to be so I think there is some extra pressure in there. I left them long so I could use the board for an MR02 if I needed to but I think I might shorten them and just have a cleaner run to the board and hopefully tighten up the steering. Other than that it's a pretty simple fit...much easier than an AD AWD.

2007.04.21, 10:59 PM
awsome! i look forward to getting thoroughly spanked by this at the next gtg :p