View Full Version : Cutom Overland Roof Racks

2007.04.22, 11:47 AM
Since it's been years since i've made onw and no one has requested these in years i would like to post my autocad files for these. this will allow anyone with a dwf viewer (likely a free download) to view these for precise plans for these.

2007.04.22, 06:37 PM
May be a good idea, been a while that I did anything with the trailers. Inspired by those roof racks. I remember Spoon showed interest in those at the time. Be nice to see something drawn up, even a simple single axle trailer like the teardrop. That frame was a 5x10 cm deck the tounge was 5 cm on each side. I may have to scan out some side templates. But right now I need to reboot my scanner to do that.

Trailer project
Here's the thread on it.

2007.04.24, 08:34 AM
I'd be interested to see your drawings.

I remember one of your threads for an off-road Land Cruiser project you did, it really inspired me to experiment although I haven't had much time to play around with brass lately.

2007.05.22, 04:29 PM
What size tubing do you use for the roof rack?