View Full Version : MR02 Drifting!

2007.04.22, 06:03 PM
I recently read a guide on drifting an MR02 and I've been having a play around. I am using stock tyres and the atomic stock motor with the bearing can. I am also running a ball diff that's just shy of locked.

It's going pretty well, it holds drifts nice - it's just hard to link them.

Anyone else tried this before? How did they do it? How did they find it?

2007.04.23, 09:14 PM
really like to see it on a video. I'll be traying the same with a 02, so basically I don't belive MR02 can drift

2007.04.23, 10:13 PM
ive just whatched a vid by neomax(programmers friend)it looks like a bit of practice and they will be pulling it off :D

2007.04.24, 04:54 AM
Oohhh, sounds like a challenge. I'll make a video later then. :P

Cheers Matt. :)

2007.04.24, 08:32 AM
You ought to look up a member named color01, he tried this a while back.