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2007.04.23, 12:41 PM
Hi Tim,

This is just a suggestion for the Kyosho website but I really like how Tamiya's site has icons of the specific categories of products that are stocked at a specific store listed in their directory.

For example if you have a store in NJ that has both Kyosho Mini-z and Kyosh oHelicopters there would be an icon above the store information that reflected these two product categories.

Without this simple graphic implementation it makes it difficult to wade through all the store listings without knowing what they carry. For example VA has roughly 25+ stores listed but i think at most only 2-3 stock mini-z items.

Also, do you plan to add location based directory functionality? Like if my zip code is 10128, a list of stores organized by the number of miles from my location would be very helpful. Just as an FYI, these services are available for license as components by multiple companies.

Just wanted to through those two suggestions out there. Thanks again for your time and assistance.


2007.04.23, 01:47 PM
Yea Tim... if you want a consultant to make that happen for you just give me a call :D

I'll be the guy standing outside the building with the cardboard sign that reads...

Will work for Cars

2007.07.07, 12:53 AM
I have searched the web and people tend to take photos of their cars but with nothing to show the true scale of the car. How about taking photos of the cars & trucks with an object like a quarter, pen or human hand. This way you can really see the scale.

2007.07.26, 07:58 PM
i think the site needs improvements

2007.07.27, 07:31 AM
i think the site needs improvements
no offense but that is a worthless reply. it's obvious the site needs improvements, read the title of the thread... atleast offer some suggestion instead of posting for the sake of seeing letters on the screen and your post count go up. just some constructive criticism :)