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2007.04.23, 01:41 PM
So, we have our Charity race next week at work with the Xmod trucks on my RC track. However, one of my coworkers, in playing with one of the trucks, has noticed that all of the Radio crap lock nuts are splitting. With only about 15 minutes of use 3 of the 4 have actually split in half. Looks like I might need about 24 good lock nuts by next Monday. Anyone know of a local source of these? I once tried Home Depot but they don't carry anything so small.

2007.04.23, 02:34 PM
I recently asked the machinist in our group about where to find an unusual sized snap ring for an automotive master cylinder. Without hesitation, he said Howard Brothers Hardware on Buford Hwy. I went there and they had what I needed. From work, go to 120 and turn left. Then go to Buford Hwy and turn left. It's on the left about a half mile before the Pleasant Hill intersection.

2007.04.23, 04:27 PM
search for: Metric M2 Nylon Lock Nuts

Your best bet is bulk online.. since they are metric, most us stores only carry english hardware.

2007.04.23, 08:23 PM
For one, the pins in the mini-Z and X-mod arent metric, they are 2-56. M2 screws and nuts are much bigger. For 2) try www.fastener-express.com they have all your r/c nut bolt and screw needs. A while back I purchases a pack of 50 2-56 silver aluminum lock nuts from them, shipped to my front door it was less than $20. Lets see Kyosho beat that price ;)

2007.04.24, 06:53 AM
If we're going online you've got to include McMaster Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com/).

2007.04.24, 07:09 AM
If we're going online you've got to include McMaster Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com/).
that place doesnt have anything small enough for Mini-Z

2007.04.24, 08:35 AM
You could always go get some 2-56 nuts at radio shack for cheap. They're not fine thread, so they're a little loose, but you can add a little tape on the wheel stud to tighten it up, or just add a little lock tite.