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2007.04.24, 04:36 AM
name: Frank Wei
location: Diamond Bar, CA
contact: frankcwei@hotmail.com
item: MR01 RTR with extras
price: $100 with the JOTA rtr only w/ what's listed (i think it's a fair deal. email me if you want to make an offer)


I just got another MR02 with the new FET on impulse, so I am going to sell my MR01 since I'm running out of space to put them up on the shelf when I don't run them.

This is a MR01 RTR that has the brake feature and uses the same board with the MR02. The servo box is black and says made in Japan while the chassi is made in China. The original glosscoat PT Cruiser body is already sold off, so this car will be sold with the Lambo JOTA that I currently set it up with.
The way it's setup right now this car was very quick in the corners versus my own mr02 which pushes out in the corner.

basically here is a list of what's included:

MR01 (bearings, xspeed, ball diff, cf plate, top damper, kyosho 30F and PN 10R tires, and front spring installed)
Lambo JOTA body/wheel (the 2005 NSX offset wheel's also included)
new speedy05 motor
GPM 1.0 degree front knuckle (installed)
new kt-5
GPM gold alloy 0-offset wheels

pics can be found in my gallery http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showgallery.php?ppuser=8909&cat=500

2007.04.26, 04:03 AM
edited the price and added some stuff. :)