View Full Version : Préparation rallye de Molsheim 2007: Impreza AWD

2007.04.24, 06:22 PM
Tests de l'Impreza sur un parcours micro-T :D
Testing the Impreza on a micro-T track :D

Vidéo gros plan ralenti au 1/3 - Close up video slowed down 1/3 (http://alain.galluser.free.fr/Z/videos/imprezajumps.wmv)

Vue générale ralenti 1/2 - General view slowed down 1/2 (http://alain.galluser.free.fr/Z/videos/imprezaawd.wmv)

Impreza WRC on AWD SP kit
Atomic SAS with medium springs toe/camber = "0"
Atomic alloy rear diff
Front diff: stock with 3Racing outdrives
Atomic steering bar +1
MR02 X-Speed
SP kit bearings
3Racing Alloy knuckles "0"
3Racing Alloy dogbones
Rear "classic" autoscale tires
Front hard Tamiya tires from 1:24 model kit
Front/rear ground clearance = 8mm

2007.04.24, 07:15 PM
very nice looking and the video certainly looked like it was fun :)

2007.04.24, 07:23 PM
yeah pretty cool stuff

2007.04.24, 09:12 PM
Pretty cool stuff guys....well done. ;)

2007.04.24, 11:15 PM
Thanks guys! Yes it was real fun, this car is now good for all kinds of tracks, or lack of ;) I am surprised how it survived all these jumps without any broken part, especialy plastic/stock ones.

Our rally is set for the 27 of may! I am anxious to see how the subbie will perform on the train layout :cool:
The road course has been extended (http://alain.galluser.free.fr/Z/061112ExtensionRallyeMolsheim/default.htm) since last year BTW

2007.04.25, 08:21 AM
Man I wish could be there :(. I can see tytoo's bald head in the back there LOL ;).

Your impreza looks great! Should do quite well on the train track.

I still have a spare ma-010 board and parts I need to put together. I may work on a rally car again.


2007.05.01, 04:55 PM
Hi Kris! Yes its Tytoo on there :)
Too bad, really, that the rally track was closed on winter when you came here. Today the train club opened for its new season to public. 250 came visiting (mostly watching the trains) but I was there and guess what, with my Z's and digicams ;) this (http://alain.galluser.free.fr/Z/videos/070501tourduMB.wmv) is the new loop that we will race. I did not go full speed for 3 reasons: 1. my $300 Canon Ixus on top of chassis 2. to have time watching the scenery :rolleyes: 3. definately lots of traffic and mess on that road :D

2007.05.05, 10:32 AM
:cool: That should prove to be a very fun course to race with a few challenging spots when at speed. Hopefully you can have the cars removed from the course so that you don't have any side swiping goin on :p . Wish we had something like that here.