View Full Version : I'm not overly impressed with my MH-C801D

2007.04.29, 06:09 AM
My son and I are new to the Mini-Z scene. I was looking for a good basic charger. I purchased this charger because I thought it would be usefull to charge 8 cells at once when trying to keep two cars on the track.

The cell conditioning feature is nice and the LED readout is simple but the charger is just too finiky with the cells (Fuji). It does not recognize cells have been installed and often I have to try different cells in different slots and remove and install them several times before the charger recognizes them and starts to charge them.

Overall it is really more trouble than it is worth. It might be worth the hassle if it was a programable charger and I was trying to get every mili-amp of performance from my cells but this is still just a non-adjustable one hour charger. I have other one hour chargers that only hold four cells but cost about 1/4 what the 801 cost and they work fantastic. They use low tech blinking lights instead of cutting edge LEDs to tell you when the batteries are done but they work great and take up less room.

I think my next charger(s) will be a couple of those 15 minute Duracels with the built in fans and when our driving skills / interest get to the point where we want to charge batteries at specific amps I will probably go with the LaCrosse.


2007.04.29, 10:58 AM
I like the Energizer 15 min charger. Everyone at our racing club in Chattanooga uses one of these and never had a problem.

2007.04.29, 11:34 AM
Yea that is the one I ment. Thanks. A couple guys in my club have them and I have used it and like it. They actually recommended it but I was A) too lazy to go to the store and actually shop for it and B) trying to get something a bit better that would handle more cells. Oh well lesson learned.

2007.04.29, 12:07 PM
im on the energiser ones,and everyone at the club i go to,cant fault em :D

2007.04.30, 01:29 AM
I don't think it's the charger. I think it's the fuji cells.

They are a little shorter then other cells. I have trouble with them in the C-9000 too. You have to put them in and out a few times to get the charger to pick them up.

The c-801d is a decent charger, but you hit it on the head. You can't really tell what's going on with the cells.

I've got both the Duracell and the energizer. They are both picky about what cells they like to charge.

The energizer seems to like the fuji's, but it's finicky with cells that are old and used up.

The Duracell will work with just about everything, but it does not like the fuji's.

2007.04.30, 10:44 AM
I think it's actually the packaging of the cells. If you use a hobby knife to trim the lower but of shrink wrap you can get a good fit. That's what I do with my Maha 9000 charger.

Check this post and go down to the "battery fit" section. You'll see what I mean.


2007.04.30, 11:17 PM
Yep Spoon is right on. The way the Maha chargers capture the batteries on the negative (flat) end, the charger contacts can not make battery contact if the shrink wrap covers to much of the flat end. I have had the problem occaisionly with intellects but mostly with the Fujicells. The fix is simple and Spoon shows it clearly on his link. (very nice Spoon) A word of caution when trimming off the excess shrink wrap. Use a sharp blade or you will tear the shrink wrap and expose some of the side of the battery and you will have to glue it back into place to keep it from tearing off with use.

As for the 801D it uses pretty advanced logic and charges Fujicells at .75C and Intellects at 1C. This is at the high end of the recommended charge rate for overall battery health. There are a number of us that are tracking Fujicell and Intellect performance with various charge rates. It takes a long time (months) to complete the trials but we may have some useful information concerning the issue in the future. Personally I have chosen to use charge/discharge rates that are below 1C but others are trying higher rates and tracking their results as well. I use my 801D for racing since it will take 8 batteries and like it a lot.

2007.05.06, 09:42 PM
I trimmed the covering on these batteries as suggested by spoon and the initial trial is MUCH better. The charger took all eight cells the first time and registered them right away. Right now it is conditioning a second set of eight cells and again it registered all eight right away. I will be conditioning all of my cells this week. If the charger recgonizes all of them without problems I will be much happier. I'll post an update in a day or two.

Thanks Spoon

2007.05.10, 10:46 PM

Trimmin the cell wrap was the cure. I have conditioned about 40 cells this past week mostly AAA but some AA for the transmitters also. The charger has registered and recognized every cell without problem. I am now glad I bought this charger as it allows me to keep enough chrged batteries for two cars two race on a weekend. I think my next charger will be the 9000 so I can get more information on my cells and group them.

2007.05.11, 01:32 AM
Glad to hear your charger problems are in the past. The 801D is a great race charger, just put them in and wait 'til it says done but it is noce to have a C-9000 so you can quantify capacity and match batteries.

2007.05.11, 06:07 AM
I'm glad it worked out for you.