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2007.05.01, 02:01 AM
Hi guys
I need help ive just brought one of those x mods to play around with, Ive started by upgrading the bearings and putting the all wheel drive system on it. I have also got the under car lighting kit the the front and back lights instulded on my toyota supra shell.
Since puuting the all AWD system on i have noticed that the turning circle has been affected. If i turn the car left its fine but trying to turn right is a nightmare as it just doesnt seem to want to go round.
I had checked steering servo and all seems ok and ive checked that all of the screws on the front of the car that have anything to do thing the steering to make sure that are not too tight.

Has anyone got any ideas or tips for me to try nexts
Thanks Gazf

2007.05.01, 04:18 AM
you might want to search eb@y or some xmod forums for where to buy the "tight turns mod" , basically it is a set of surface mount (or normal) resistors to replace two of the resistors on the board that control the amount of turn. This can improve it quite a bit vs the stock setup, but still no where near as tight as the mini-z's. Don't use the red diff from the AWD kit on the back, use the old white one and that might help a little

If you want to go drifting easily, then it might be worth getting some LIPO batteries as well. The stage two motor is worth it as well.

I would recommend getting bearings asap to clear up the sloppy yellow brushes, they should also improve the speed a little.

GPM do a full range of alu for xmods (I am selling a complete set of it at the moment) which makes the car look awesome!

If your into serious money then adding extra fets or a nelly/spider turbo and then an modified motor can make it go like a rocket. (They can beat mini-z's in drag races, just not on anything with turns)

2007.05.01, 10:56 AM
Thanks for the info mate, ive already got the bearing kit and ive also got the stage 2 motor kit which comes with 4 different motors (Drift,Drag,Top Speed and street racing).
Ive got the street racing motor on it at the moment,
Another question for you, What would changing the red gear on the rear do to the steering

2007.05.01, 12:26 PM
I found the red gear was rubbish, it kept the rear wheels too locked together, if this happens they can't turn at different speeds and the car will understeer. the white one was a bit looser.