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2007.05.02, 02:19 AM
Hi guys i just wanted to ask how much the MRs were going for, as im thinking of getting one to add to my collection.

Which one is better the 01 or the 02

2007.05.02, 03:02 AM
If u find an MR01 and an MR02 for same price go for the 02...

MR01 parts are hard to find since they are no longer made...

Note that the other 01, is the MA010 and that is the AWD
some times people confuse MR01 with MA010, at least I have seen it in a few posts lately...

2007.05.02, 04:22 AM
thanks matey

Do you know of any good places to get one

2007.05.02, 04:28 AM
Best place is the shop on the site your reading this on ;) click SHOP above...

I think there are still MR01s left.. the corvette ready sets, but I have not looked for a while...


as you can see MR01s are about the same as MR02s... so you might as well get an MR02 so you can have the servo saver, hop ups available in more places, etc... but since its old maybe if you email the shop they can give you a deal on shipping.

2007.05.02, 05:39 AM
i bought an 01 and parts,if your gonna race it dont bother,
it will roll.............alot lol
if its for display purposes or to say you have one go for it :D

2007.05.03, 12:17 AM
if you do decide to get a mr01... stock up on a couple of delrin servo gears, or an alloy 1st servo gear... and never run the chassis without the body....

otherwise if the price difference off a mr015 or mr02 isn't too much go for those... it already has a built in servo saver...

hope this helps :D

2007.05.03, 04:12 PM
An 01 can be just as fast as an 02, and can handle just as well with the right setup. If it traction rolls, just do the same tweaks to it as you would to an 02.

But... that all said, I still recommend an 02 for anyone new to MiniZs.
(servo-saver helps take some of the twitch out of the cars)

2007.05.03, 05:41 PM
I got an MR-01 recently (a silver skyline r34, mint for $75 :cool: )
I noticed the turning radius is much smaller than my MR02.
the MR02 turns in 2 feet and the MR01 is about 20 inches.
Is this right or is my MR02 not performing right (the steering
trim is max in the transmitter for both)


2007.05.03, 11:58 PM
The MR01 will turn tight as it's servo is direct. The MR02 with it's servo saver will kill some of the tight turning. Also if the MR02 is an MM car with a longer wheelbase it will turn wider. The wider track can have that effect as well. One of the high points with the MR01 is it's tight turning ability. Speed can also have some issues with turns as well. My MR015 will turn tighter than my MR02's can, and the RM cars turn tighter than the MM cars can. When you are running on a Mini Tile 96 track, you really see the difference in those setups. The MR02 MM cars are best for the larger club tracks, most of the other cars are worthless.

2007.05.04, 02:48 AM
Thanks for all the info guys they all have been a great help

2007.05.26, 08:37 PM
I don't have a problem with roll overs. I have the Jota on my mr01. the thing runs as fast as my stock 02 with same motor. it is a newer one with the black servo plus reverse tho. I don't know if they makes any difference.