View Full Version : got a new evo xmod

2007.05.04, 03:03 AM
Ive been out and got myself one of those new evo xmods and i think its so much better then my old xmod was when it was standard.
As soon as i get some cash im going to get the bearings and awd for it.

Just want to ask what other people have done to theres and how have they improved the proformance of the evo
What would be best to do after the awd and the bearings

2007.05.04, 03:08 AM
I've never had an evo car but I had a truck and yeah, the standard is so much better than that of a gen 1.

To make it better, the best thing to do straight away is get bearings, AWD and the suspension/drive upgrade.

But with that said, it'll never be as good quality as a mini-z.

2007.05.04, 08:02 AM
My best evo has GPM diffs, a cf driveshaft, composite shaft gears, and GPM alloy swing shaft/CVD combos. I also run sealed bearings. Add the atomic stock motor and Ive got quite the little racer. I was planning on doing the suspension next, but got into Zs. I dont spend $$ on xmuds any more.

BTW, That car also had practically all of the RS performance upgrades as well.

2007.05.04, 10:27 AM
The next mods im going to do are the AWD the bearings and the steering and subspenion upgrades