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2002.04.28, 08:31 PM
Dose anyone know is there a Supra in any Initial D series

2002.04.28, 08:34 PM
No, there isn't. Why do you ask?

2002.04.28, 09:57 PM
Hes probably hoping that since they made the FC3S and AE86 from Initial D they'll make more of the Initial D bodies in the future and possibly supra if it was in the show....

SSJ Char
2002.04.28, 10:14 PM
There may have been one in the manga, but i dont think in the animé there was one.

2002.04.28, 11:24 PM
i was hoping they have one, cause all of my friends drives a car form the show, and i'm getting a 1989 Supra Turbo, so dont want to be left out

2002.04.29, 01:01 AM
Closest they had was a Toyota SW20, which I THINK is called the MR2 in North America.

Someone care to verify?

SSJ Char
2002.04.29, 05:13 AM
yup. just an MR2. Its called that too in Japan. its just the chassis layout... i think. Or mayb it just means non spyder version. As in hardtop non convertable.

2002.04.29, 08:52 AM
All the MR2's are called MR2's, even the new S. I haven't a clue why some call it the MRS, in all the Toyota flyers I've seen for it, it's the MR2 Spyder. :rolleyes:

2002.04.29, 12:16 PM
A lot of cars have different names in Japan (or atleast different designations). We never called the Corolla 86 an AE86, did we? We don't usually use names like Levin or Trueno... or am I mistaken again?

BAH! :confused: We need an import tuning question thread :p

2002.04.29, 01:08 PM
:D Yes, I know about the different car names http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2431

Just that, the only place I've heard MRS from is on this forum, I even hear MR2 Spyder from my few friends in HK. Anyway, enough off topic!! LOL

2002.04.29, 04:32 PM
MR-S according to GT2

2002.04.29, 06:30 PM
Russ, it's MR-S in Japan, and MR-2 Spyder everywhere else. Trust me, I imported the MR-S badges from Japan and replaced the MR-2 Spyder badges on my car!

2002.04.29, 07:00 PM
You learn new things every day ;) I was pretty sure that was the Japanese name for it, but I had just never heard it anywhere else.

Anyway....... :D