View Full Version : WooHoo my son set a new personal lap record!

2007.05.06, 10:31 PM
My son turned 24 laps today in his 8 minute main. I know that doesn't sound like much to most but Dave has a pretty severe learning disability (mentally retarded). He also has difficulty with fine motor skills and coordination and suffers from ADHD. Eight minutes is really pushing it for his attention, especially when he is distracted with all the other kids running around the track and other cars are bumping into him on the track. He talks about racing all week long and seems to really enjoy it. He turned only 13 laps in his first 8 minute main a couple weeks ago so this has been a big improvement. None of this would be possible without the great crew at SRC.

2007.05.06, 11:21 PM
that's great. It doesn't really matter how well he does. the real thing is if he is having fun. It sounds like you have a great boy there and there isn't a better way to bond than racing together. ;)

thanks for the update. :cool:

my boy is still a little young (4), but I already have a car for him. he is getting better everytime. I think its great he can even make it around the track. :D