View Full Version : Hfay time trial #3

2007.05.08, 09:22 PM
I've been taking a little advantage of having the timing system this week. (Makes me want to hurry up with my own which will have a lot more features in it to support HFAY time trials). In any case, for fun I set up the HFAY time trial #3 track and tried it with various cars. Here are my results:

1st attempt - 6.01.09 - 6.14 best lap MR02 Ferrari
2nd attempt - 5.45.03 - 6.11 best lap MR02 Ferrari
3rd attempt - 6.12.27 - 6.63 best lap MR015 Nascar
4th attempt - 5.59.44 - 6.14 best lap MR015 Nascar
5th attempt - 6.30.16 - 6.76 best lap Xmod with 4wd upgrade, toe-in mod
6th attempt - 5.38.46 - 5.64 best lap MR02 Ferrari, (MX-A transmitter first attempt)
7th attempt - 5.25.02 - 5.71 best lap MR02 Ferrari MX-A transmitter

First, the Nascar did pretty well but definitely has a lot of body lean in the corners (duh, it has the batteries on the side so no surprise) as well as pretty big push with the tire combo I have on it now. Basically, it drives like you would expect a Nascar car too which is cool.

The MX-A I got today really seems to be helping me. I really like this transmitter so far but have not messed with the exponential settings at all yet. It's much easier to steer smoothly through the corners and throttle feathering is a ton easier for me. The time results above definitely show this.