View Full Version : FS: MR02 w/ 015 Conversion & Mobile1 NSX

2007.05.09, 08:06 AM
Name: Ben W.
Location: Charlottesville, Va.
Contact: Use forum email or AIM

Description: I have a MR02 with Silver PN 015 conversion for sale + Chassis. The conversion was done very well. Spoon can vouch for the condition and how well this thing handles. I can throw in a TX for an extra 5 bux if you need one.

The items included are as follows:

- MR02 (3010s) w/ Silver PN 015 conversion (10/10)
- Mobile One NSX Body (6/10)
- Gun Metal Alloy Wheels
- CF H Plate
- Atomic Type III 94mm Mid Mount Motor Mount
- Stock Kyosho motor
- Plastic Atomic 1.5 knuckles
- Stainless Kingpins
- 3Racing Disk Damper
- Bearings
- Brand New Stock Diff
- Kyosho Radial 20* All around
- Kyosho Tie Rod set (less 1 rod, the lowest tow setting)
- Extra Stock MR02 Chassis

Price: $SOLD shipped

I will post pics of the chassis this evening, left my memory card at home but I wanted to get the sale moving. Again Spoon can vouch for its awesomeness. I just dont need it.

Not really looking for any trades.

(these wheels are not the ones included)

2007.05.09, 11:21 AM
SOLD and stuff

2007.05.10, 03:32 PM
SOLD and stuff

I didn't know you had that body! I would have worked that into our trade some how when we did that Gulf Mclaren. What else do you have? My collection has grown.

2007.05.10, 03:36 PM
Didnt know you wanted raced bodies. I have a Lancia Stratos now that is pretty sweet. I have GTI I dont really like that much. Black Hummer never driven. White monster beetle, Ferrari F50 White body. Ueno F1

2007.05.10, 07:37 PM
cutting down your collection or getting out?

2007.05.10, 07:47 PM
Cutting down. Didnt need the extra car. I never drove it.
Plus my main MR02 is super dialed these days. There really was just no need.