View Full Version : X-mod Motor in a Mini-Z

2007.05.10, 04:21 AM
I have a motor I got from an xmod shop, and I don't know who it was made by. It was just called the missile.

I've finished with my X-Mods now and have it left over. I have since also installed a plasmatonic armature and a cap. It ran well in an X-mod with a 2x2 4562 stack.

I was wondering if I put the same stack in an Mini-Z, would this motor work?


I've changed the wires, just need to remove the pinion.

2007.05.10, 04:46 AM
If it's the same as the Plasmatomic I vote yes it'll be fine if you don't gear it too high. I've had mine on a 9 tooth with 2x2 4562's and it's OK, even though the guides say a 3x3 I believe. Others here I'm sure have plenty of experience with this motor and could back up or refute my claim.


2007.05.10, 04:49 AM
3x3 aye? I may leave it until the end of the meet to test it. I wouldn't wanna burn my car out right away...