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2002.04.28, 10:49 PM
current setup
body: modena
F wheels: stock front with 30deg
R wheels: CLK wide rear on foams

f : suspension: green spring
r : single spring shock

track: carpet.

i get very good traction from the rear and steering is fine but when i tried to cornering in any manner, the front wheels will start to hop. i wonder why is that so? do i need to use the yello spring? or chnage back to front foams ? i flip many time if i use front foams. or do i need those 2degree turn knuckles?

our track has only a long curve and many tight turns.

other mod: gpm twin turbo with gmp moto ( 6T ) full bearings.
please advise

2002.04.28, 10:59 PM

here's my guess... i think the front tires might still be too soft, try the stock tires of about 50deg... this however may affect your steering and you may experience understeer, if this is the case add the 2 degree or 3 degree camber steering knuckle... hope this helps :D

2002.04.29, 01:47 PM

Do you use a ball-diff?
If not, I recommend one, this eliminates a lot of the Mini-Z's rear end jitters.

2002.04.29, 05:45 PM
I agree with herman, try something harder up front, you may also want to try the stiffer springs for a quicker return.

2002.04.29, 08:44 PM
Thanks for the input.

i will throw in the stock front wheels and try again.

i'm running on GPM balldiff (but the gear meshing is not as good as stock)

2002.05.01, 01:06 PM
Put the foams on the front and turn down your steering. I had the same problem with my car. If you still have the problem.. I put stiffer springs in the front and rear of my car. Works great now!