View Full Version : WTB: AWD (MA010) Chassis

2007.05.12, 06:36 AM
Name: Tom Cash
Location: England
Contact: itomcash[at]gmail.com
Description: MA010 Chassis
Price: $110/60 (Most I want to go to really.)

I am after a MA010 chassis that's ready to run. I'd prefer it to be as stock as possible and if you're sending from America I will cover postage costs. :)

Anyone got one?

2007.05.13, 09:12 PM
I have a MA010 AWD, but it is about as far from stock as it can get so it is probably more $$$ than you want to spend....but someone will show up with what you want

2007.05.13, 09:17 PM
Well man, I say put $20 more into it and get the chassis set. You cant go wrong with it. Having all the different offsets of wheels with it, you can run any body you may be able to talk one of your club members out of ;) and I am sure that ByeBye or one of the other members may have a radio you could have if you asked nicely :D

2007.05.14, 10:21 AM
Took your advice Ninja and got one off an ebay store. I've got a Trueno shell to run it on, so yeah. Can't wait!!

Thanks for the replies!