View Full Version : PN Racing World Cup 2007 Announced !

Old Crow
2007.05.12, 12:06 PM

2007.05.12, 12:56 PM
We here at DOW hope to have a regional date posted on there soon... still trying to work out the details, will update ASAP.

2007.05.12, 11:55 PM
If we can secure a proper location, SRC will be hosting a regional. We'll get our information up as soon as we have the details ironed out.

2007.05.13, 11:19 PM
Are there ever any regionals located more towards the middle of the country? What does it take to host something of that scale?

2007.05.14, 08:13 AM
Reading the PN website shows very big accommodations for guests during the World Cup :)

2007.05.15, 11:40 AM
September 29th and 30th

September 29th - PN Regional Race

We plan on using the PN Worlds track from last year for our Regional race. That way the people can compare their times to the racers that attended the PN Worlds last year.. Also the final weekend of PN Regionals, so it will be the last chance qualifier..

September 30th - 6 Hour Enduro Race

Layout will be a recreation of the Indy Roadcourse with three wide sections to simulate the Oval, and a single wide section to simulate the hairpin..
2 Person Teams - Handout Motors

We are doing two events on the same weekend to hopefully encourage more people to attend from Ca, Ut, Co, Nv, Tx, and Nm. I have heard from all of these states with interest in our Enduro, so please plan on traveling to Phoenix for our TWO RACE EVENTS..

I look forward to hearing about other Regionals that I can encourage our Phoenix racers into attending. Ut, Tx, Kenon or Netzone, Co?

More info to follow..