View Full Version : What size screws to mount motors?

2007.05.13, 10:53 PM
Does anyone know the actual size - length, diameter, and thread pitch - of the screws used to mount motors onto after-market mounts. I know they are small but I don't even know if they are metric or SAE. Also, I am unable to find a part # for them from PN or Atomic.


2007.05.14, 12:02 PM
Motor screws are metric. They are 2mm X .4 pitch. The .4 pitch is pretty much the standard. The length of the screw depends on the mount you are using. About .15 to .2 long. Is ok to be a little longer so you can add washers under head of the bolt. You can find 2mm screws at many hobby stores or even some good hardware store.

2007.05.14, 06:59 PM
Thankyou Ben