View Full Version : no order confirmation

2007.05.15, 11:38 AM
I put in an order for a few things yesterday, but didn't receive a confirmation email or anything. if a moderator could contact me about this, that'd be great.

I tried to fil out the email field, but I guess it didn't work..

2007.05.15, 11:53 AM
your best option is to submit a support ticket via the shop menu. please include as much order info as possible to track the issue as best as possible.

let me know if you have troubles with that

2007.05.16, 08:22 AM
I sent a ticket in to have that order associated with my account here, along with my email address. I don't think there were any other orders that totaled $65.17 that day, were there?
Thanks for your time, hope we can get this issue taken care of. Better yet, since they were shipped priority from New York, maybe they'll be here today! :eek: :D