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2007.05.16, 10:32 PM
I am proud to invite all fellow MiniZ fanatics to our first PN Regional event here at DOW! We are going to hold the event at one of our favorite local indoor/outdoor tracks, the Mushroom Bowl Speedway in Kennett Square PA!

It is going to be a 2 day event, with all of the Qualifying Heats and Mains to be run on the 24th. On the 23rd, doors will open at 12noon and there will be open practice on a full layout until they close around 9:00pm (oh... they will be racing 1/10th scales outdoors that evening, so if you feel like bringing your 19 turn, 27turn or nitro 10th scale... please do!,they have a very cool banked macadam on-road course), pretty much just a day of tuning and play time.

Doors will open at 8:00am on Sunday morning, and Qualifying will begin at 9:30am. You must get there before 9:00am to sign in... we plan to have all the heats set up by 9:15 at the latest, we will not be adding drivers once heats are set up! (avoiding sort issues later in the day is the main motivation for this. We want to keep this event rolling smoothly.)

I did not include any hotel information, but from what I hear, the rates are cheaper in Delaware. (about 10 minutes away, The Mushroom Bowl is located in the very South Eastern corner of PA.) Here is the Mapquest link to the Mushroom Bowl's location:


If you go to the aerial view, you'll see the red roofed building with the tri-oval track to the upper left of it... we'll be in that building. :D

Please send your entry forms to the address provided on the form itself. (see attachment pdf flyer) You must send in your entry form by June 20th !

Please review the class regulations carefully, we only have 3 classes so far, but if we get enough interest in an AWD Stock Class, we may decide to have one.

Hope to see you there!

NOTE... Mod class specifications have changed as per PN rules, see post below. (5/23/07)

2007.05.18, 05:28 PM
See updates on Page 3 of this thread!

2007.05.18, 05:45 PM
provided our schedule for s4 doesn't change, it falls right between dc gtg's and i plan on making it for a single day event;) i have no shot really so no need for the extra practice but i look forward to the experience:)

Total Est. Time: 2 hours, 22 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 125.74 miles

naturally i will inquire with my club about whom else will make the trip as well.

2007.05.19, 11:24 PM
The Saturday is just for hanging out time really, I will modify the layout for Sunday of course. I look forward to having you there and hopefully a few others from the DCGTG as well.

2007.05.20, 08:37 AM
yeah, i would normally take you up on the hang out day as well but with our endurance race not too far away from this event, my funds will be ultra short. you can count on my support for showing up though:) i just need to wait for payday to register;)

2007.05.20, 08:48 AM
Any prototype chassis... sigh... if only my MiX was ready... design is done, just have to get it built... Grrr... I should sell the design to PN they can easily make the parts based on the parts they already make.

Any Electronics, so I asume 75mhz RX and esc would be legal ;)
Maybe I will make an attempt to get a prototype up and running... just to get a few laps in a big race, or get other drivers opinions of it if anything.

2007.05.20, 09:00 AM
i would htink it would be an excellent venue for debuting a new chassis ;)

2007.05.20, 06:31 PM
If any of you guys that are comming to this event want a seperate awd class, let it be known here so the organizers know it. They need a certain amount of interest. Im interested. ;) :D

2007.05.20, 07:23 PM
Yes, If there is enough interest we will certainly run a Stock AWD class, but we need to know how many are interested. This is probably the best place to let us know.

If there are enough racers, and we do decide on having it, drivers will just pay their entry fees for it the morning of the race. ($20)

And yes... this modified class will be the best way to prove any 1/28th system. As always, hoping to see some sick setups for this one.

2007.05.23, 12:42 AM
Due to sponsorship issues, Mod Class rules have been revised.

This is an all Kyosho chassis event. You can still run either AWD or 2WD... but as I have been informed by PN Racing, they do not allow prototypical chassis in regional events. Sorry for any issues this may have caused. Please PM me if there is a problem.

2007.05.23, 08:35 AM
I'm glad to see that you DOW guys have finally gotten the East regional this year - it was a waste to have it at ARCMS last year. We had a very low turnout for it...

If I had a car, I'd drive there, but alas I don't. :o

2007.05.23, 08:54 AM

Talk to the fellow racers in Staten Island, you may be able to get a ride.

If turnout is good enought for this PA Regional PN may have another one in August or Sept.

2007.05.28, 09:52 PM
So far, we have around 4 drivers interested in an AWD Stock class, but I'm afraid it's going to need at least 10 participants to make it happen. If you want to run it... please post here and let us know.

2007.05.29, 09:18 AM
are the rules for the stock awd the same as the racer class? i would join this but i only have an ad band awd.

2007.05.29, 10:38 AM
AWD class would not allow AD Band, sorry... but it'll just be single layer 3010s. (same goes for 2WD)

2007.05.30, 07:24 AM
You can run the AD AWD in the modified class.

2007.05.30, 08:05 AM
i would but after seeing you guys race before, i would just be lap traffic :p atleast in a stock class i have, however unrealistic, a shot at atleast not getting in the way so much :)

i'll have to keep it to 2 classes anyhow do to budget constraints so it's either f1 or modified.

2007.05.30, 11:13 AM
F1 class is a good choice. I enjoy running my F1 with the fellow PA racers

Old Crow
2007.05.30, 12:44 PM
Such a temptation to get a F1.....

2007.05.30, 04:55 PM
Such a temptation to get a F1.....

I don't really see why not... F1 is one of our group favorites, we run them at least once a month... sure beats sitting around watching. ;) Would be nice to get 2 full heats at our regular meetings.

Still trying to devise the trophy scheme and what I am willing to raffle off for this event... I will update as soon as I get it nailed down.

2007.05.30, 09:23 PM
Come on you AWD stock guys..........speak up so we can run that class. :p ;) :D

Old Crow
2007.05.31, 08:09 AM
Again, I'm in for AWD Stock.

2007.05.31, 08:11 AM
i'll have to go with f1 over awd stock, sorry.

Old Crow
2007.06.11, 12:42 PM
So is there anyone else coming out that we have not heard from ? Speak up, this should be a great event !

2007.06.11, 04:32 PM
There's a few lurkers out there...

Once again, I recommend signing up early to streamline the event schedule that day.

If anyone has any suggestions on anything pertaining to this event, let me know ASAP. We are always trying to find ways to get more people involved.

We will have prizes and raffle prizes as well for this event. Also, since nobody seems to produce any really cool RC racing trophies, I'm going to make some very nice plaques for the top finishers for this event. (I have them sketched up, just have to cut them out and mount them.)

Once again... any questions, let me know!

2007.06.19, 06:12 AM
man that sounds great, I was just thinking about it yesterday, and saw your post. ;) I guess i won't have to dodge bullets any more but try to dodge those behind me on the track. :rolleyes:

There is a chance I can make it but my ride is down at the moment. If there is a way to get there, or if there is anyone from philly going let me know today.

This sounds like the perfect race. i will race both MR 02 and F1. The only thing is that on my F1 I did replace the bottom plate for handling. Will that make a differences? ANYWAY, F1 is pretty much stock. :D ;)

2007.06.19, 11:32 AM
F1s seem to run pretty well either hopped or stock. I'm sure you'll find someone to help tune it for you. (if need be) I would recommend 30 degree fronts and 20 degree rears, probably the biggest part of F1 tuning.

Also... I ordered trophies from a local shop, they will be done Thursday.

I've also sorted through my raffle prizes...

Brand new green Murcielago, up for grabs!... driven but unscathed Daytona Cobra, a few other extraneous used Autoscales for grabs too.

Not to mention some other aftermarket parts as door prizes (some alloy hops too).

And that's not even including whatever PN puts up for prizes! :D

And I've already filled my truck with the first load of RCP, another truckload coming... don't know if we'll use it all, but it should be a fairly BIG layout with 45s, large radius... and whatever else we can throw in the mix.

Hope you can make it out... anyone going through or coming out of Philly?

2007.06.19, 12:00 PM
there seems to be a train that heads out there, have to find out which one... hmm tempting..

2007.06.19, 06:48 PM
Well, I called Septa and they don't have a horse or buggy going that way... :D
If there is anyone heading in that direction hit me up so I can schedule to come and pay these dues.. lol

I can be reach at



PS; good luck to those who can make it..

2007.06.21, 07:34 PM
i realized we have a pn world cup series subforum so i moved the posts here. i also made a gallery for you, http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showgallery.php?cat=1149 . please feel free to use it :)

2007.06.22, 10:28 PM

Got the trophies today... beautiful!

Got the PN Gear today... wow!!!... around $300 in PN Gift certificates, and other various PN gear! (thanks Phil! :D )

All of the handout motors are in order, got the Animas, Machos and the 05s... the extras will be for sale at a very discounted rate!

I have my prizes all sorted out... Alloy mounts, wheels... few other odds and ends. ;) Brand new Green Murcielago Autoscale, Daytona Shelby, and for kicks... a few of my old used bodies (road tested!... don't worry, they're in good shape!).

Also... would like to remind everyone that I am always willing to do fet work (repair or turbo) at all of my events... If you bring me a board, I'll do the work right there (I usually fit everyone in somewhere), I have some turbo class fets available (and a ton of old 3004s). If you want the work done, just bring me your board (just the board preferably) and I'll knock it out for you when I get "in between" time.

Like I've stated earlier... the 10th scales will be running Saturday evening, so I'm sure you'll want to check out all the action then too! (nitro on a banked tri-oval onroad is insane... you'll see!) It's a hell of an experience!

So... it's an all-out RC weekend for us... hope we all survive! :rolleyes:

Also... big reminder! You can sign up Sunday morning for the event, but I recommend getting there by 9:00am at the latest! (we are starting early so people won't be driving home late.) We have all of our Core system planned out, so everything should go very smoothly (just jinxed it :eek: ). I do have a bunch of extra transponders for racers to use too!

See you there!

2007.06.25, 08:29 AM
Great event guys. Sai and the guys cleaned up again. ;) Good time . Hope to see all again. Good work Ed and Dave. :D

2007.06.25, 09:11 AM
tons of fun and as usual, great to see the dow guys again!

disappointed my hfay car did not handle well at all on this track and more frustrated at myself for not bringing adequate tire choices.

not feeling the love for that batch of speedy 05's however you guys have said previous ones were really good so i'll take it as a less than perfect batch i guess.

awsome track layout! lots of speed and lots of challenging turns.

it was a pleasure to race against will, sai again and meet roland and bennet.

i have some pictures and good video of racing action that will be mailed to imx. i can put it up to the regional gallery we have here for you too if you wish?

2007.06.25, 02:50 PM
Cool, I was gonna try to get them on here when I got them from you, but I'd appreciate it if you could upload them here for us!

Was a cool event (as always ;) )... NYC connection cleaned up in the racing! (we all kind of expected that though!) Of course though... if you want to get faster, run with faster competition! Did not expect however that they would clean up in the raffle too! Bennett walked away with the door prize Shelby, Murci, GT40... and if I recall correctly... the Modena too!!! (not too shabby for $5 :D ) Thanks to Larry for putting up the Maha Charger and the two unpainted AutoScales! (575GTC and the 350Z) I forget who got the SuperBrain and the GWS, bunch of other stuff too... the raffle was too much fun!

Thanks to all who put forth an effort to get here, it was another great day of very competitive racing! Track layout was a little bigger than what I was planning on, but what the heck... if you have it, use it!

And a Big-Time thanks to Phil at PN Racing!!! Thanks for giving us our first PN Regional... we hope we'll see many more! :D

I'll have the results up on our site today!

2007.06.25, 03:47 PM
Here's the link to our Results page for this event:


2007.06.25, 05:41 PM
Yes we feel guilty of stealing all the Raffle bodies and most of the trophies.
We owe you a big one Ed. Thanks for everything you did.

For those who were not there, imagine the track was even bigger than this on the day before. We had to downsize it due to radio reception issue.

Watch a video of a practice lap:


2007.06.25, 08:12 PM
Don't feel guilty... it was awesome to see those kind of odds just step aside for Bennett like that! :D At least I know they'll be going onto some of the best tuned chassis' out there!

Thanks bigtime for the vid... I'm sure there will be more out soon!

Already looking forward to the next one!

I'll try to figure out some dates for our regular club races this week... I'll post them by Friday.

2007.06.26, 01:13 AM
Yes we feel guilty of stealing all the Raffle bodies and most of the trophies.
We owe you a big one Ed. Thanks for everything you did.

For those who were not there, imagine the track was even bigger than this on the day before. We had to downsize it due to radio reception issue.

Watch a video of a practice lap:


:D WOW!!! What a track!... I know there will be another one and I will be there... Looking forward towards more vids...