View Full Version : Next Race?

2007.05.20, 10:32 PM
It looks like this coming weekend, I'll be unable to run a race. If anyone wants to volunteer to run a race Saturday, please let me know. I could make sure that the lap counting system is there and setup for a race. There would be a little training involved, but it shouldn't be too hard for someone to use.

As far as starting the next series, I kind of think we should wait until fall to start an official series with points and such. Over the summer, I expect attendance to fall somewhat, and I may be quite busy on and off for the next month or two. I want to find someone who would be willing to fill in when I cannot make it so that we can continue to race every other week throughout the summer. This person would race for free and could collect a small portion of the proceeds for their efforts. If anyone is interested, please let me know via e-mail.

Another reason to wait until fall to start a new series is that, as you may or may not know, Hobby Mart will be closing later this summer. It looks like end of July or August. At that time, we will have to find another place to race. I have a couple of places in mind and if all else fails, there is always my basement to return to... I might even have it finished out by then.

So anyway, for the rest of the summer (until Hobby Mart closes), I think we should plan on continuing racing every other Saturday... as long as I can find someone to help with the races. When fall comes, I will finalize a place to race and we will start up a brand new series with points and prizes.

If anyone has questions, comments, or great ideas, please let me know!

Thanks and see ya'll soon,