View Full Version : Just got my monster.

2007.05.22, 09:45 PM
Hey all, just got my monster tonight. Love the thing to death already. Ran it all around the living room scaring the cats to death.

I dont want to really put too much money into it (going to be building a track soon and getting into an MR-02 or MR-015) but I would like to keep the "every day" spare parts on hand so when I break something I wont have to wait a week to get the truck running again.

That's where you all come in. :) If I want to keep a few parts on hand, what does everyone recommend? And are there some upgrades on the lower side of the price range that anyone feels that are totally necessary? Thanks for the help!

2007.05.23, 02:58 PM
Don't everyone jump at once! :-)

2007.05.23, 03:10 PM
This is actually a really good question. First, congrats on the monster...they are very very fun. As far as parts to keep around, here's what I would suggest.

Shock Towers
Motor Case Set
Servo Case Set

When you jump these little guys some of the shock gets absorbed by the shocks but some of it gets transferred to the connection points.

Hope this helps

2007.05.23, 08:32 PM
Upgrading to bearings is always a good thing to do. With the Monster it also helps keep the gears properly meshed, that would make them last longer. Also pick up the Overland SP pinion gear set, as the stock monster pinions will slip on the motor shaft sooner or later. This and what Spoon listed is a very good start without costing too much.

2007.05.23, 11:16 PM
Cool, thanks for the ideas. Took it to work today... spent more time making ramps out of binders with my fellow cube dwellers than working on my TPS reports. Good times were had by all.