View Full Version : Modifications For I-Series

2007.05.23, 04:26 PM
I was just wondering what modifications where avalible for the MR-15 I-Series chassis. Also with what bodies can I interchange with?

2007.05.23, 04:44 PM
this is a very general and open ended question thus i moved it to a forum section that will likely get the best results.

2007.05.23, 07:45 PM
Those are some pretty big questions but hopefully these links can get you started.

For the bodies question, I have a post that shows you how to determine which bodies will fit.


For the hopups question, here's a link that describes some of the recommended first hopups. It doesn't exactly answer your question but it should get you started.


You can also check the FAQ on the forums for some good starter answers.

2007.06.01, 11:24 PM
With the proper motormount, t-plate and wheels, you should be able to run every mini-Z body on the MR015 chassis.

I-series is the electronics version, not a chassis version. There are I-series for both MR02 and MR015 chassis. All setup hop ups that work on the standard chassis will work on the I-series.