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2007.05.25, 11:08 PM

To all my fellow Mini Z members.

Well, I am now on the way to setting up my RC shop with large indoor race track using this product.
http://www.rcptracks.com/html/home.html This is a superior race track that is official Kyosho race cup, PN Racing race cup and
others event race track. It is far more better than carpet. Grip is awesome. With this track, your car is like stick on the road and run in the railway. It is fun to play in this track. Of course, the bad thing is, you have to change your tyre more often.

Turn around, the track will have smooth surface, you can drift like Initial D style with your AWD. But this drift track will only setup
if a lot of member demand it.

BTW, my shop will probable setup with combine of 3 to 4 set of Wide L RCP track depends on shop size.

I am now in the mid to contact with supplier. Once all confirm, you all will have a good place to play this Hobby again.

My Shop will carry products below.

Kyosho Mini Z series
Kyosho Original Parts
PN Racing
Atomic Mod
RCP track (so you can practice in your place)
Firelap Nanoracer (TBC)

Your feedback is appreciate in order to help me serve you better.

1. Place. You prefer shopping centre or shop lot.

2. Comment of Manufacture above.

3. Manufacture parts that you wish to get i.e., GPM, 3Racing etc.

4. I am heavily target on Mini AWD. Which is superb in handling. (Don't believe, mail me and I can demo for you all if you don't get one.} However, If you have personal prefer for MR02 or MR015, (I assume that you already have MR01), please let me know. I can order kits and parts on demand.

5. Of course the price. My price will be very comparable with the internet price plus customs tax. Why, Because I order in large
quantity and I mark the shipping as my expenses but not my product cost. Reasonable and fair enough?

6. Other comment is highly appreciate.

You can download the newest Kyosho Mini AWD movie at link above. I can said most of you will be very excited and can resist to get one. (if you haven't see before). Enjoy.

Last but not list, Please join my group at the link below. For thouse who registered before my shop open, I'll mail my promotion vouchel to them to their e-mial account. (please make sure your e-mail is active)
Happy racing.

2007.05.26, 02:02 AM
wish you well on your shop... and do post pics when it's up...
when i was in kl almost aear ago, i got to visit a kyosho shop... if i remember it right it was in lot 10... unfortunately it was the during the chinese new year, so most of the shops, including the kyosho shop was closed... how's it doing? is it still there?

2007.05.26, 02:52 AM
Thank you.

I think you are mention the Kyosho shop which is in Times square. That shop still there. Next time when you visit Malaysia, please feel free to drop by my shop.

2007.07.28, 09:26 PM
Shop confirm launch at 01-08-2007 11.00am

please visit yahoo group for more detail.

2007.07.29, 09:11 PM

pls post pics... :D

2007.08.04, 08:48 PM

pls post pics... :D

I had upload some Mini Z Dynasty photo in the Mini Z Malaysia yahoo group. Please have a look. Thanks.