View Full Version : What material mat should I use?

2007.05.26, 05:00 PM
I'm thinking about making my own track. What the best mat material I can buy at a local for my mini z awd. I read some of the post and people use EVA FOAM mats and other use carpet material. Which one is the closest to the real thing they use at competitions and where can I buy these mats at a good prices at local stores? Thanks for your time.

2007.05.26, 05:18 PM
No real substitute for an RCP... the rough surface side (used at almost all events) is incomparable to most mat type surfaces out there. I will always suggest to just go the extra distance and get an RCP right away. Another inherent part of the RCP value is the fact that you can always sell them used for close to what you buy them for, they hold their value quite well.

2007.05.26, 05:45 PM
Thanks for the quick response imxlr8ed, but I really don't have that kind of money to spend beside I just started going into this hobby and the Mini z awd itself cost me $116. I just want to make something cheap and affordable. Thanks for your input. Any other suggestions?

2007.05.27, 02:10 PM
Ok I did some research myself and find that there are two available material to use that are pretty cheap and affordable and people in other country use it
on their track. They are REGUPOL 6510(made out of recycle tires) and Ozite carpet. Does anybody live in the USA that know where to get some of these stuff. Maybe homedepot??? Thanks

2007.05.27, 02:28 PM
i actually got somaples from thier support website. i have not found any way to buy small qnty for tracks. dealers only want to sell for construction uses.

it's an awsome surface though and if you can make it work i woudl love to see pictures/video.

2007.05.27, 10:17 PM
Thanks for the comment arch2b, If I find a way to get a hold of that material I will definitely post some pictures up and let you know where to get it. Like you said I heard it is hard to get a hold of that stuff. I try to find some because I know it is very cheap and I know a couple of construction people. Take care

2007.05.27, 11:21 PM
From what I've seen and heard, Regupol works very well for this scale. Ozite is pricey. I started with office carpet and PVC rails, and it was still a good experience. We used to drift Xmods on smooth concrete, even raced MR01s on tennis courts, and still had good racing. (But always be wary of the outdoors... at this scale, a pebble might as well be a boulder.)

With the AWDs, as long as it's smooth... these cars can handle it.

Good luck with your new Z !

2007.05.28, 02:16 PM
Thanks you imxlr8ed, My awd z is great. I just upgraded it with lipo battery and it is so fast that I hardly can control it. That is another reason why I want to build my own track because I need a big enough track to run this monster :) and I know if I were to get a RCP track which I know is the best; it going to cost me a fortune. By the way I try not to run it on concrete I leave it to my TT01-D which is a 1:10 scales. Thanks for all the input I have to find those materials.

2007.05.28, 03:05 PM
Could always check your location to the map, maybe a club close to you already has a track... Zers are always looking for people to race with. Spoon put this together a while back:


2007.05.29, 02:23 AM
cool I will give it a shot! Thanks