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2002.04.30, 03:56 PM
I finally finished my track but without cars it looks a bit empty
I thought to add lights and small threes but there's only one tiny problem; my track is modular and the pieces have to stay stackable!

Has anybody an idea what I could ad to it as decoration?

2002.04.30, 04:35 PM
u got any pics?

2002.04.30, 04:41 PM
Not yet
but I'll post them as soon as possible

2002.05.01, 04:42 PM
If I had the room to make a really nice track, I would love to decorate it as well....but since I don't, can I offer these suggestions?

* half-tire michelin decoration for the start/lapcounter section
* scale-size spectators on various parts of the track
* tethered helium blimp over the track with optional wireless microcam for blimp shots on the TV!
* paddock area for car parking and parts storage for each racer connected via a "pit" lane to the racetrack
* try and make it resemble a roadcourse complete with road signs, asphalt lane markers, turn signs with scale braking distance warning signs for each turn
* how about an overpass on part of the track so you can have a tunnel with lights (xmas tree or led lights?) to illuminate it?
* x-10 wireless cameras throughout the course so you can view different turns/sections on your TV...for recording along with the blimp-cam during races!
* sponser banners on the inside walls of the track (a must! :)
* of course the red/white turn decorations for each bumper
* scale trees/foilage, dirt, gravel, etc...
* mesh fences along the track like Laguna Seca!?
* digital display set up on the track to link with the laptimer to display driver stats
* experiment with the track surface to replicate the look/feel of actual asphalt

Regarding your concern for keeping things modular and stackable...you can implement dowels/pvc pipe on each part of the section so all pieces will be supported separate from one another so they will not crush the decorations...but these can be removed when the track is assembled for realism. just a thought...

I dunno if this is what you were thinking of, but this is the stuff i'd sure like to do if i had the chance!!! :)

2002.05.02, 11:47 AM
Cool ideas!