View Full Version : Power Switch Gone?

2007.06.02, 06:46 AM
I purchased some glowmasta lights and installed them quickly onto my HFAY car (as my other car has a FET upgrade and my AWD wasn't at hand), and I think (not sure) I shorted the power switch out. Basically, I could smell the burnt FET smell and I bricked it and turned it off but it was still going! I quickly removed a battery and it stopped...

Now - every time I complete the circuit, it drives, whether it's turned on or not.

What has broken?

An urgant responce would be great please as our HFAY event is 8 days away and I'm desperate to fix it because I've already missed two events this season.


2007.06.02, 09:41 AM
If the fets fry the car likes to power on to full throttle when the switch is in the off possition... you likely shorted out the motor wires with the battery wires... and or antenna...

2007.06.02, 09:45 AM
I shorted the motor wires... Must have. What would you say is gone then? A FET?

2007.06.02, 09:56 AM
They usualy fry first sort of like a fuse you dont want to fry... but its always possible something else went with it, if you let it short long enough to burn/smell things ;) the quicker you pulled out the batteries the more likely a simple fet job will fix the car.

2007.06.02, 02:45 PM
I burned a power switch once. It was on even on the off position. You could feel that something was wrong because the on-off switch was very loose. After opening it I discovered it melted inside.

2007.06.02, 05:46 PM
I've looked at the FETs and they are burnt badddd. I've got a replacment under way. :) Thanks for the help lads.