View Full Version : Mini Cooper Monte Carlo LIT

2007.06.04, 08:34 AM
Here you go:


2007.06.04, 09:43 AM
Damn, since that car is released I feel I need to buy a Lit. I'm just a bit woried with the no servo saver issue and the general handling of the car.

Maybe I will just buy an Autoscale version. :)

2007.06.05, 12:48 AM
ahhh... now all the more reason to get a lit... :D :D

2007.06.05, 09:27 PM
Yes! I wanted to replicate that with my regular Morris Mini Cooper Lit! I love the wheels on that one. What I'd do is wait for the AutoScale to be available, shave off the spare tire rack and whatever that sign-looking thing is on the front of the roof, and repaint it to look like a street-tuned Mini Cooper. Then probably put some LED's in it for night racing!