View Full Version : GPM and the Lit "custom wheels"

2007.06.11, 10:10 AM
Hello. I've just exchanged e-mails with GPM, and it doesn't sound like there going to produce any parts for the Lit. However, they did say that if we order 200 peices, they will consider making custom wheels for it. Let me know what you think. Certainly I can't afford that order, but maybe if enough of you make the request it might happen.
I already have the wheels from Tagu, but the Mini Cooper could use some custom wide racing style rims to improve it's handling.

2007.06.11, 10:20 AM
you WILL NOT find 200 lit owners. forget it, not going to happen. these things are just priced too high killing there chance at any real sucess.

2007.06.11, 10:24 AM
Yea, I figured that would be the case. Way to kill a dream arch. But your right, I forget how expensive the Lite is and that it's not all that popular. I should be glad that Tagu made something for it.

2007.06.11, 10:30 AM
it would take you 2 years to get 200 wheel orders via a pre-order and NO shop is going to front the cost for these as the kits are not top sellers. sorry, just the economic realities of the lit world. blame kyo.

2007.06.11, 10:31 AM