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2007.06.11, 01:04 PM
Well, I got a Dodge Ram RTS model a few months ago and I decided to make it into a crawler. I didn't want to deal with all the wheel slop and issues with the Xtruck so the chassis of this one will be a MZM. I think the MZM is a perfect chassis to make into a crawler because it already has low gearing and a wide wheel base. The RAM body was too long so I had to use overland parts and other methods to lengthen it. I'm going to fit different wheels and tires on once I get them (possibly swampers). I'm also going to make new bumpers, a roll bar, and possibly a dimond-plate tool chest in the back.

There are two holes and lug nuts under the interior. It sits ontop of the chassis and you tighten the screws on the mount to secure the body. The front mount is done, now i just need the rear mount finished.
Circled in red are the mounts and mount holes:

Here's how the body looks on the chassis
What color do you think it should be?

2007.06.11, 03:31 PM
Body looks great on the mzm but aren't mzm 2wd?

2007.06.11, 03:57 PM
Yeah its 2wd, but presision 2wd is better than glitchy and wheel slop 4wd. :D Also I just finished the rear mount. I'll get pics up when I have more to show.

2007.06.11, 04:47 PM
What color do you think it should be?

The first thing to pop in my head, paint it red and call it Bearfoot. Look's good on the monster.

2007.06.12, 02:48 PM
Hey CUSTOM, where did you get that guard you have on front attached where the bumper used to be? Did you make that yourself? Thanks!

2007.06.12, 06:25 PM
The skid plate I originaly made for my overland, but it was a bit big. It's made out of sheet aluminum cut to shape. I stuck it in a vise and bent it to my liking. Then I drilled the mount holes and painted it satin black. If you make one, I suggest you dont put a clear coat on because scratches make it look better! :cool:

Just so you all know, I'm away from home in San Francisco so I won't be able to get anything done now, but if you have any questions I have loads of time to answer them. ;)

mmmmm..... flat black and silver mb?

2007.06.13, 05:12 PM
Great minds think alike :p I just finished my Ram..then broke the mount accidentally dropping it.


2007.06.24, 08:49 PM
Thanks for the comments and stuff! For the first time in a week i've had some time to work on this thing. I primed up the body completely and it's looking good. The rear mount is finished and I sprayed the hood flat Camo Green. I'm thinking this will look great in two-tone (flat black and camo green) or camo green with black trim.
I'm shooting for some nice road armor skid-bumpers like this too: (not my picture)

BTW rocket mini: Your ram looks great! But if it had a little more clearance for offroading it would look even better and function better too.

2007.07.10, 02:44 PM

New paint
What do ya think?
I took more pictures, but they didn't turn out so good. I need to touch up the paint in some places. I'm still trying to figure out how to make some good bumpers and roll bars.

2007.07.10, 04:55 PM
looks really good.... I too have the same ram model body. It does look fairly to scale on the mzm but I gave up with the chassis lengthening :( Do you have any more up close shots of how you extended the chassis?

2007.07.10, 06:37 PM
I used a overland rear suspension mount, and moved the front mount one notch forward. If you don't follow me maybe this will help:

sorta makes sense now?

2007.07.14, 08:31 AM
oh.... :o thats way simpler than I thought it would be. Thanks for the picture

2008.01.13, 07:22 PM
i notice you have a few kits you use the bodies from on the monster.What scale are the kits you get the bodyshells from?

2008.01.14, 11:23 AM
i notice you have a few kits you use the bodies from on the monster.What scale are the kits you get the bodyshells from?
you should find 1/24 works fine with a 1/28 chassis.
btw that truck is wicked! lovin the black wheels :eek: