View Full Version : FS: Chromed Monster Truck and Overland

2007.06.12, 05:34 PM
Name: Marc
Location: Colorado Springs
Contact: Marccrx@aol.com

Hello. Up for sale is a Limited Edition Chromed Monster truck with a few GPM alloy added AND a Mercedes AMG Overland.

Both are in top condition, chrome is near perfect with a few minor scratches though hardly noticable. Overland is brand new and used only twice indoores.
I have no real need for these as they are too big to run in the house and they are just taking up space. I also need the cash for my MR15 Altezza project.

I originally paid close to 350 for the Monster Truck and 160 for the Overland. I'll sell theme both for 320 shipped or best offer.
Please see pics.
If you only want to purchase one, please make an offer. It will come with a transmitter if I can find one.

2007.06.13, 05:19 PM
ok, I see I've gotten no bites so I will close this thread and the F1 thread and combined the two.
I have decided I will let all three go for 350 dollars. Please look for new thread regarding new sale offer.

2007.06.15, 10:45 AM
Can we close this thread please? I've added these two cars with the F1 and don't need both threads going. I just want to keep the F1, Chromed monster and Overland thread open. Thanks!