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2007.06.14, 11:25 AM
Hi guys!

I wonder if anyone could help. Allthough this is an Iwaver, it seems to me I need general knowlage on RF interferance...

I've been working on the 02M (Iwaver) for a while now and I think it's a great car. I personally believe it's better than the MR02. I've installed the V2 Power Board from At**icM*ds.com and am getting a strange problem. The board runs directly on the motor output from the Rx board on the car. This is the signal to control the FETs that pulses power through to the motor from the batteries. No mods are done on the RX board... the V2 simply gets its power from the batteries and passes a regulated 6V through to the RX board on the car. The V2 then delivers power from the batteries to the motor. There is more info here: V2 Power Board (http://www.**********.com/Categories/QandA-1-28-V2-Power-Boards.aspx)

As soon as I install the V2 board, I lose 80% of the control distance. Everything else works fine. If I connect the RX power straight from the batteries instead of the regulated 6V from the V2 board, it's a little better but not much. Any Ideas what my cause this?


2007.06.14, 12:07 PM
If you can, try moving the antenna around, primarily away from the V2 and the motor, as they would cause the most interference. You might need to lengthen the wire that runs to it or something, but that might help.