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2007.06.20, 07:38 AM
rcp, would you consider producing a starting line that is pre-routed/grooved on the bottom for a core antenna loop?
i had this done on my old track and it prevented the bump drivers get when driving over the starting line with the core loop lying underneath it. i would like to do this to my new track but would prefer something a bit more professional/clean looking than my hack job with a dremel, which made an enormous mess btw.

2007.06.20, 09:32 AM
If this is done.. and done with a router, dont do it a |_| square grove... instead try a bit that can taper the edges (if one exists) /_\ this way it can kind of hold it in on its own with out tape.

2007.06.20, 09:52 AM
very good point drac;) makes a nice snap type fit that securely holds the loop vs. having to cover a routed groove with duct tape or something similar.

fyi, the router bits are called dove tail or t-slot bits. :)

2007.06.20, 05:51 PM
Arch2b I know you are asking but I wanted to chime in. I noticed that my core loop is of a smaller diameter cable than yours. So under the start/finish it's not noticable.

You could also use a sharp blade and just cut a groove and tape over but I know your loop cable is thicker than mine.


2007.06.20, 06:36 PM
i did that with my old track and the tape was not sufficient enough to keep the loop in the groove when cust deep enough meaning i had to get atleast 1/8" to 1/4" wide. a dovetail joint sounds perfect.

2007.06.20, 07:44 PM
They make the bits that small though? :)

2007.06.20, 08:05 PM
good question....

2007.06.20, 10:56 PM
I was wondering the same thing. You might have to find something for a dremel or something similar. Most router bits would chew up most of the tile...I think.

2007.08.16, 06:28 AM
Other than using a scroll saw to make various RCP tile configurations, I'd be hestitent to try any power assisted tool on these tiles. A beveled or dove tail cut would be best, and if you use a good utility knife (not an XACTO), but a drywall type utility knife with a fresh blade, you should get a nice clean cut. What I like best about the dovetail cut, is that the cord would not really contact the track, it simply lies beneath an "A" frame created under tile.

I have the RCP and the Core system...just haven't gotten around to taking the hump out yet. If I do, I pass on my results.