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2007.06.26, 09:41 AM
When you guys do the LSSM mod, does your rear end end up higher than the front end? Like the car has more clearence in the back than in the front. Or did i do something wrong? :confused:

pomme de terre
2007.06.26, 02:18 PM
It might have to do with what wheelbase settings youre using with the front and back. The upper suspension arms sometimes hit the chassis and limit how far the axle can go down. Check to see if its this

2007.06.26, 07:00 PM
I am using the BMW X5 wheel base.

2007.06.26, 09:29 PM
My combo uses the OL stiff yellow springs with gen one Xmods springs inside of that. the Xmods spring gives a little extra lift, with the OL spring becoming the helper spring. That keeps the same lift front and rear, so it sits level. The rear will drop down if it high centers on something, this allows it to push on over it. The rear rods will have to be long enough to allow the extra drop in the rear, I am using the long setting for the F 150, H1, and H2 bodies. That gives you alot of extra travel, the F 150 you may need to drill holes in the bed cover for the rods to poke through. To get extra front lift the upper rods will need to be modded to clear the chassis.

pomme de terre
2007.06.27, 10:01 AM
I meant check if the upper arms hit the chassis

2007.06.27, 11:01 AM
And the upper arms are? Sorry :D

pomme de terre
2007.06.27, 03:15 PM
Put a spacer between these screws and the front/rear gearbox (whichever one is lower). Old plastic bushings work well as spacers.


2007.06.27, 03:39 PM
ooooooooo OK ;)

2007.06.28, 10:38 AM
I put spacers, and it works better now, thanks.

2007.06.28, 04:37 PM
had the same problem. looks better now.

2007.08.02, 01:17 AM
you can also get a set of longer links, i.e. links for the front and put them on the back...