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2007.06.27, 07:37 PM
Hey Tim. Got another suggestion for future bodies. For the MR02 chassis, I think the old Leman's cars like the Porsche 962 would make for awesome cars and would be highly collectible. Do you see any chances on these being made in the future?

2007.06.28, 08:11 AM
I second, third and fourth this suggestion. I'd love to see 70's and 80's Lemans bodies. Why should Atomic and PN get to sell all the Pan car bodies? Autoscale Lemans Porsche racers would be awesome!!! Then I could do my coke car with the real Porsche body instead of the Atomic V2 Pan car. See my gallery.


2007.06.28, 09:06 AM
I'd also love to see these bodies, but soem of them would be very fragile. The F333SP's wign for example... Why not take a few of the top cars from the 70's 80's, and my favourite, the late 90's (because that would include the nissan R390 :D )

2007.06.28, 11:56 AM
I'd like to see some LeMans style bodies as well.. I'm a big fan of Nissan's R89C and R92 LeMans cars, they are awesome machines.. While we're on the subject, it would be cool to see Mazda's 787B, or Toyota's 88C-V...

2007.06.28, 01:19 PM
Those old Nissans were beautiful, weren't they? Why not throw in the Chaparral 2J? :p


2007.06.28, 02:18 PM
Those old Nissans were beautiful, weren't they? Why not throw in the Chaparral 2J? :p


Ah, the "sucker" car, this car was ahead of it's time, I remember this car from waaayyy back.. 700+ Horsepower, 3 speed semi-auto trans, oh and don't forget the Rockwell snowmobile engine.. The snowmobile engine was used to literally "suck" the car down onto the track, hence the skirts around the bottom of the car..It also used fans to blow air out the back of the car.. It only ran for one season though, I think it was in 1970?? Interesting pick James...

2007.06.28, 03:52 PM
So how about it Tim? Can we pleeeeeeeease have these bodies for our MR02s? Well, not sure about the one posted above.

Tim Johnson
2007.06.29, 11:02 AM
eek: LOL... I can't comment on your suggestions for fear of creating problems internally. But trust me, just because I don't respond, I am watching, and not ignoring what the community is requesting.

2007.07.26, 07:56 PM
lol... that pic looks awkward.. is it even a race car?

2007.07.27, 10:36 AM
Yup, Gr C would be really cool! I would collect them if there was a series...

For me it is important that Kyosho makes a series of cars. Like they do with SuperGT. So, if they make a Gr C, then I hope at least 3 models from somewhat the same times and every body some livery's and that they are available at all, damn german kyosho importer :(

2007.07.27, 05:49 PM
I don't know much about this, but would it be easier or harder to license an old race body than to license a currently-produced or late-model street body? The Group C cars for example are from 20 years back, would this have some kind of effect on car manufacturers' willingness to license?

2007.07.27, 06:47 PM
I'm not an expert either, but maybe manufacturers have current marketing plans to consider when licensing active race cars out to third parties like Kyosho. The manufacturers might be more willing to license them out because they might just give their marketing campaigns a bit more oomph, and at the same time give their current sponsors more exposure.

I'd love to see these prototype class bodies based on real race cars on Mini-Z's, but some of the modern ones are so low slung that Kyosho might have to develop a new chassis just to make the bodies look accurate. Some of the older race cars were a bit higher in profile. It may be easier to cram a current chassis underneath those.