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2007.06.30, 12:06 PM
So I got some inspiration from some fellow members at GSr and decided to try my hand at doing a brushless conversion of a Mini-Z F1. I'm at the test phase right now(setting up the esc before hard wiring the Rx to the servo and esc leads) but I thought I'm far enough along to show you my progress.

The motor is from a company called Razor Motors and you can see from the comparison photo it is pretty close to 130 size...so much so that it was almost a perfect fit into an alloy F1 motor pod.

Anyhow, I'm pretty proud of myself and my fat, uncoordinated fingers and here is the bench test vid.


2007.06.30, 03:36 PM
awesome idea! nice work...it's cool to see people innovating.

2007.07.02, 12:52 PM
That's an awsome mod. It's so efficient you'll probably get 40min. run time now.

Is there a drag brake? Set it around 30-40% to simulate a brushed motor.

2007.07.02, 01:10 PM
Cowboysir, that F1 looks like it's going to be very fast.. I'm really liking that video.. Anything that almost blows the F1 tires off the rims gets a thumbs up in my book.. What kind of speed-controller are you using?? Are you able to use both motor screws in that F1 motor mount to support the motor? I've seen people use the brushless motors from the Castle-Creations "Mamba" speed-controller mounted in 1/12th scale pan cars using just one motor screw to support the motor before... Is that what you have done to make it fit? Any info would be appreciated..

2007.07.02, 01:51 PM
Thanks for you kind words, guys...

To answer some questions, I was able to get two hole mounts by filing a bit of the alloy motor pod so there are two screws holding it in place.

I used a Mamba esc to take advantage of the programming before I decase and hardwire the esc and Rx leads.

grymg, your spot on about the drag brake profile...I've found 40% is almost exactly like the brushed drag you get with a mod motor with neo mags.

To give you guys further updates, I'm going to have to modify the F1 body a bit. :eek: The body when closed on the system pushes a bit on the wiring and deforms/pushes down on the rear suspension. Some careful trimming will take care of the pressure and make it a free floating rear suspension. It's a bit of a shame but it's just a plastic shell, right? :D