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2007.07.05, 07:03 PM
Hello. Many of you know that I've been waiting for the new Iwaver 02M Mini Cooper S to arrive for a long, long time. Well, I finally got it along with all available hop-ups and I'd like to share with you my build-up.
First I have to say, that sadly, this is NOT a 1/28 scale car. This is probably a 1/25 or 1/24 scale body. This Mini Cooper S is bigger than Kyosho's Mini Cooper S. However, the paint and detailing is very nice, and I'm happy with it. I'm glad to know that unlike the older Iwaver bodies, these ones come with headlight buckets with hols on the insde for headlights.
The body definetly could use some inch-up wheels in order to look more proper. Right now it looks like it's riding on dinky wheels.
The chassis very well built, the carbon fiber is very nice. All parts go together well, and surprisingly, the hop-ups come with instructions! A first!
On first test drive, the car seems slow even with the hop-up motor. Could be bad batteries, or haven't programmed the transmitter properly, or differential needs adjustment. Will look into that soon.
Handling seems ok. Front suspension nice and smooth, rear stiff to none. Could be my set-up.
Also, the chassis seems to get hot quickly.
Stock chassis as it comes
Carbon-fiber PCB cover
Alloy motor mount assembled. Does not come assembled but does come with nice instructions for assembly.
Chassis finished
Motor mounted and on chassis
Servo connector
Front steering assembly
Rear view
Bottom view
Bottom front view
Bottom rear view
Mini Cooper S body
Aftermarket gun-metal BBS wheels
Comparing Kyosho body with Iwaver body
I like the stripes! I have to find a 1/24 scale model of this car with the front driving lights that are mounted in front of the grill. One flaw I see on the hood is those two dots. I dont' think the Mini Cooper S has washer wiper jet's there, do they?
Let me know what you all think!

2007.07.05, 08:40 PM
If you dont mind me asking, how much $ do you have in this after all the alloy ect? How does it drive, specifically the steering?

2007.07.05, 08:52 PM
the cost was pretty cheap being Iwaver. Plus I get a discount when I shop there for being a long term customer.
The steering is fine, but as mentioned the car seemed slow. Could be batteries, differential, or transmitter settings.
Over all I like it.

2007.07.06, 12:04 AM
I agree that some 'inch up' wheels would work. However, why dont you try some spacers on all the king pins and under the rear motor mount. Im sure you could tighten up the fender gap.

I like the chassis design. I dont suppose it would take much to put an adband board into it, and a nicer 4 wire servo.

2007.07.06, 02:40 PM
Well, second test drive proved much better with freshly charged batteris. However, the car felt heavier with the body on it then without. Which does not seem to be the case with Mini-Z's. Perhaps Iwaver's bodies are heavier as they are a little bigger in size. I've been told that they made the body bigger in order to fit the wheelbase. I still don't understand why since the chassis has three positions.
I have been e-mailing with one of the designers of this product so I will be able to share my reports with him. He is the one who actually designed the manual's for the hop-up parts.
The car does seem to have some sort of "noise" in it when the car is turned on and nothing's happing. No glitches, but just noise. And transmitter's settings are all at 0 so it's not like the throttle is trying to work or the steering or somthing. Just seems noisey for some reason. Could be electronics glitch, I dont' know. I'm not much of an expert on electronics.
Transmitter is very comfortable, a bit confusing to program at first. One cool feature I like is the ABS button which stops the car just like the ABS on your full-scale car does. The steering wheel has a nice foam grp and the screen is easy to read.
Will need to drive it more and more to get the feel for it. I'd say it's between an Xmod and a Mini-Z.
Ton's better than Xmod, but not as good as Mini-Z. A medium budget racer.
My new friend Edmond from T@yEast has been great help and he's looking forward to more test and race results with this car.

2007.07.06, 02:59 PM
HA, HA! T@wer H@bbies still sais September for these things. They just keep pushing theme back month after month. If you want'em, dont' bother with Tower, go to T@yEast.

2007.07.06, 03:13 PM
One other thing I noticed about the Iwaver. IT GET'S HOT! You need to remove the batteries IMMEDIATLY after running the car. I almost had the side body clip fused with the chassis! Fortunetly, I was able to get it in time before anything bad happened and I was able to safly remove the body without doing any damage.
This car needs more heat-sinks in order to disipate the heat.

2007.07.06, 03:50 PM
a cheaper solution would be the atomic 21.5mm t.s. wheels. they are .5mm larger than the inch ups and at most $4 a pair if you get the chrome ones however black my look good with the body

2007.07.06, 09:39 PM
Thank you arch, do you have any pictures of those wheels?
Anyway, I think I found out why my car's getting hot and way it tends to quit all of a sudden. Seems to be a loose battery connector or something. Not exactly sure how this causes heat unless it's trying to suck more current. My dad thinks it might be a motor issue or the differential being too tight or something causing drain.

2007.07.06, 09:49 PM
here are 2 recent images. you can see the differnece in howe they will out the wheel wells vs. the pn d5 aluminum wheels.



2007.07.07, 10:24 AM
Awesome arch, thanks! But not sure if that style will suit the Mini Cooper.

2007.07.08, 03:05 PM
here are 2 recent images. you can see the differnece in howe they will out the wheel wells vs. the pn d5 aluminum wheels.



Hey arch, do they have 0 offset narrow's for both front and rear? That's what the Cooper needs.

2007.07.08, 03:26 PM
the front wheels on the lexus are +0 narrow. they should be available in the shop.

2007.07.08, 04:00 PM
Thanks arch, I'll look for theme.

I checked the shop and they had the black ones in stock, but were out of the white ones. I've asked theme to send me a notice when they have more in stock. I think the white will look better on the Cooper than the black's.

Quick question. Do the front's have notches on theme for bolting onto the differential? I noticed that they have listed front, and rear's in the same offset so I figured the rear's are wider? I need narrow's all around.

2007.07.08, 04:10 PM
front in all cases just about means narrow and rear means wide

i have never seen a pair of wheels that have not been notched unless they are awd wheels. simply wait for the front +0 to come back and buy 2 sets. i bought alomst a full set so i don't have to worry about not having the right offset. these are cheap enough that it's actually affordable to do so.

2007.07.08, 04:15 PM
Well, I guess you have not seen Iwaver's wheels. They do not notch the narrow wheels as they are usually for the front. So when I ordered the Mini Cooper I had to ask theme if the rear's were special narrow's, or semi-wide. Since I didn't like the stock wheels, I wanted to get those BBS ones you see in photo. I will wait for the Atomic's to come back in stock, all though I'd really like to find Square's inch-up BBS rims if possible.

2007.07.08, 04:19 PM
I found out what was causing my Iwaver to over heat. Seems that a battery connector was loose and caused the battery to touch both metal and plastic. Also, the wheels on the differential were too tight.
Next I need to figure out how to keep the body from disconnecting the battery.

2007.07.16, 09:45 PM
I found out what was causing my Iwaver to over heat. Seems that a battery connector was loose and caused the battery to touch both metal and plastic. Also, the wheels on the differential were too tight.
Next I need to figure out how to keep the body from disconnecting the battery.

Also a conducting PCB cover seems like a bad idea :)

2007.07.16, 09:57 PM
Actually, that was never the problem. It seems the gray wire between the terminals was touching the negative side terminal causing a short. We repositioned that so it wouldn't touch anymore. Now the Iwaver is as cool as a cucumber! Run's great too!

2007.07.18, 04:17 AM
How far does the IW02M reach? This PCB is very interesting if sold seperatly and reaches far enough... :)

2007.07.18, 10:12 AM
hello Ha. When you say reach, do you mean what's the range like? Range as far as I can tell is pretty good. All though I have not really tested it for long distance. I plan on racing it at the local track next two weeks so I'll let you know for sure by then.
I am pretty sure that the PCB board is sold seperately, as they do offer many original parts. I'll have to ask my new friend at T@y East about that. Will let you know what I find out! I had at one time wanted just the PCB board alone my self for a 1/32 scale project I was working on a while back.

2007.07.18, 12:24 PM
The pcb is sold seperatly, that I am for sure... :)

2007.07.18, 01:50 PM
Cool, now you know! I'll let you know about it's range when I go racing!

2007.07.18, 09:08 PM
Hi HaCo,

Yes, it true that the iwaver 02M PCB board is available on sale in TE.
But I would recommended that you check out Inopo AFM2 radio system instead.
you could check out the website at inopo.com

You could buy it at TE using the below link.

The AFM2 is a Radio system that is fully compatible with all the major Japanese radio maker system and it provides exchangeable module box that allow the switching between AM and FM system in one transmitter.

2007.07.20, 05:15 PM
Fangel, your link does not work. I suggest typing in a the name using the method I e-mailed you. Then, past link ontop of word. That I think will work better.

2007.07.23, 05:52 AM
Thanks Marc, I have noted and fixed the link, I'll keep an eye for posting link later on.

2007.07.26, 09:12 PM
Marc, could you post some of the picture that you have send me about your new iwaver?

2007.07.26, 09:21 PM
Yea sure. Although there isn't much difference than the first one I posted other than color, but yea I'll post.