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2007.07.06, 09:40 PM
Hi guys, I live in the Brazil, and got mine mini-z has little time, is about one porsche 934 MR015… Goes to give one livened up in this sector, to place more photos, problems, specific doubts in this series. I hug to all!
Sorry about the English!
:p :p
Post pic's in soon..

2007.07.06, 09:46 PM
welcome and glad to have you hear!

i look forward to seeing more form you :)

2007.07.08, 10:35 PM
hmm... brazil... how's the z scene in brazil??? do you guys have a track?

2007.07.10, 05:55 PM
I thank for all attention guys! In Brazil, hobbie little is explored, I does not know no track special, but I am buying material to manufacture… I finished discovering these fantastic stands in the start in the year, has been an excellent distraction! =]] I am reading all the topics to learn more, beyond later creating one blog for the Brazilian's to be interested more. I obtained to convince a store to import parts spare, boddies, etc… Now we have to wait, therefore everything comes of Japan! I am very happy with the staff! Abraços!


2007.07.10, 10:30 PM

actually more mini-z's are being manufactured in china now, so i believe that if you do intend to import, try hong kong (which is a "sar" special autonimous region of china)... i've been there a couple of times... and have been to some hobby shops and mini-z tracks... the r/c scene over there is quite thriving...

there's an area that is full of hobby shops... kwong wah st. in mongkok...

here are a couple of threads...




try doing a search on this forum on "shops in h.k." or a yahoo search on r/c shops in hong kong...

i also believe that there's a mini-z portugal site somewhere (you might want to do a yahoo search on that as well)...

oh i almost forgot... this site also has a shop so you might want to order from here too...

good luck...

2007.07.11, 05:32 PM
Herman, Thanks a lot for the attention in the answers… Last week i buy new parts will be the z " (front spring's and t plates (to rear suspension). I am having difficulties in aforuxar the screws of the back part. I find that I go in the store and to use to advantage and to place another game colorful… Its tour for the store must have been fantastic! I adored the photos, I after intend to change the parts that already I ordered here in Brazil, to start to buy them in the international market, as you yourselves it said! If you it will be able to give prescriptions to me, would be very well comings, therefore as it said: I am new in hobbie! I loved its cars Herman! Its gallery of custom is very likeable! We go to continue livening up the topics of mr015!


2007.07.14, 06:40 PM
Hi guys...

I'm from Portugal and hope to see you guys here next October for the World Cup Final.

I'm one off the CPRMA guys ho are organizing the final and i teel you...it's going to be unforgetable to all the mini-z fans.

Herman was talking about a portuguese site, it's www.xrt-rc.com

unnfortunatly for most of you is in....Portuguese, :cool:

It's the site of our club and soon becaue of the World Cup in the forum we'll goin to sart a post in english to put all the information to our visitors to the World Cup

best regards